On Saturday April 15, 2017, a white Christian extremist by the name of Gregory Thomas shot and killed over 500 peaceful Muslims with a 6 shot revolver in Denver, Colorado. Our expert reporters reported him yelling “For Trump!” before firing his assault revolver into a crowd of over 650 Muslims in Denver. Thomas wore nothing but a Make America Great Again hat and an American Flag tank top during his massacre.

I was so scared and I barely got out alive as the Trump supporter gunned down so many of us.

The Main Stream Media has been silent as this Christian extremist murdered at least 720 Muslim refugees simply because they were brown. Racism is alive and well in America as proven by this killer. The fascist and xenophobic police stood idly by as Thomas took advantage of the loose gun laws of the state in order to murder almost a thousand innocent Muslims, most of which were Syrian refugees, in cold blood.