As we all know, yesterday the American Health Care Act has passed through the house of representatives and on its way to replacing Obamacare. The ACA put forth by President Obama has saved countless lives, gave millions free health insurance and full coverage and it was no strain on our economy in any way. The ACA was a net-good for everything in the country. No downfalls. No red flags. There wasn’t a single negative side effect from Obamacare.

Trump ran a campaign on not only racism, xenophobia, bigotry and hate – but also on the premise that he would “repeal and replace Obamacare.” You have to be truly cold at heart to want to throw someone off of their healthcare and make them pay for it themselves. No one should have to pay for services provided by someone who spent several years training for. No one should have to pay for services provided by someone who has put themselves carelessly into hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt. Healthcare and all medicine should be completely free and for eight glorious years, we had just that.

Donald Trump is well on his way to making each individual US citizen responsible for their own health care. What’s next? Having each US citizen pay for their own abortions? Pay for their own birth control? Pay for their own food? – Oh that’s right, he defunded Meals on Wheels as well and now hundreds of thousands of people are starving.

Since Obama care has been repealed yesterday, over two thousand people died immediately in hospitals.

Donald Trump has no boundaries to his carelessness and recklessness. If he hasn’t defunded our right to vote by 2020, we eagerly wait for his inevitable impeachment.