As we all know, it is confirmed that Vladimir Putin hacked the US presidential election, which gave Donald Trump the presidency. More details about that can be read here. Yesterday, president Donald Trump fired James Comey, the director of the FBI. Coincidentally, James Comey was the individual heading the investigation that concluded that Putin hacked the 2016 US election.

This can only mean one thing. Vladimir Putin hacked the FBI as well, and made Trump fire James Comey.

Russia came close to hacking France when they almost elected Le Pen for their president. Luckily, they elected someone who will lead France in the right direction instead. However, it’s a fact that Putin hacked the US election to get his way, because Trump is a puppet of Putin, still, despite what happened in Syria. He just is.

Since the investigation about the Russian collusion with the election was still going on, Trump’s administration had been coming under fire and its credibility began to diminish. Putin hacked the FBI and made Trump fire James Comey. Now that Comey is no longer the head of the FBI, the investigation will revert back to a non-conclusive state. Nothing will continue and everything will be undone.

There seems to be a pattern. Whenever something bad happens, 9 times out of 10, it can be justifiably blamed on Russia and NEVER the incompetence or fault of the individual or organization.¬†Donald Trump’s corruption knows no bounds.