We can safely add Asians to the ever growing non-white ethnicities that President Donald Trump openly hates. How do we know? Because for no reason at all, he remorselessly threatens and bullies a harmless socialist state of North Korea. North Korea has never been a threat to the United States or any of their surrounding countries. President Obama made sure of this and because of his stellar diplomacy, North Korea was left peaceful and totally harmless.

That’s until Donald Trump assumed the presidency and decided to start bullying every non-white country in the world. He dropped a MOAB on a bunch of brown children earlier this year. He openly hates Mexicans because he wants to build a racist wall to keep out all Latinos, Hispanics and anyone of Mexican decent – while deporting all of the Mexicans who are already here regardless of citizenship status. Imagine our shock when the only country that he sucks up to is Russia – a country full of white people. Go figure.

Now out of nowhere, Donald Trump decided to threaten North Korea for the simple fact that they are Asian. That’s it. Trump is so racist and trigger happy that he will threaten the lives of anyone with a different skin color than himself. If WWIII starts, it will not be because of conflicting foreign policies and failed diplomatic action. It will be because President Trump is such a hateful bigoted xenophobic individual who hates people who don’t look like him.